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NDPERS Board of Trustees

The NDPERS Board of Trustees is the governing authority of the Public Employees Retirement System and consists of nine members. A North Dakota citizen who is neither a state or political subdivision employee is appointed by the Governor to serve as Chairman of the Board. A member of the Attorney General's legal staff and the State Health Officer are also appointed to serve on the Board. One Board member is elected by retired NDPERS members and the remaining three Board members are elected from active employees currently contributing to NDPERS. Two members, one member from the majority party and one member from the minority party, are appointed by Legislative Management.

Three members of the Board of Trustees are included in the membership of the North Dakota State Investment Board (SIB). The Retirement Board has specified that the members who serve on the SIB are to be selected from among the four elected members.

Board Meeting Materials

Board Subcommittees

Board members serve on committees to review specific programs, projects, or issues and make recommendations to the Board. The Board of Trustees consists of the following committees: