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NDPERS Retirement Benefit Option Factors

Posted 7/05/17 (Wed)

NDPERS is working with our actuarial consultant Gabriel Roeder Smith & Co (GRS) on updating the benefit option factors for calculating retirement benefits. These factors are used in determining retirement benefits for all options with the exception of the Single Life option (referred to as the Normal Retirement option for those in the Highway Patrol and Judges Retirement plans).

Frequently Asked Questions

You continue to have the same retirement benefit options at the time of retirement as listed below:

Main & Law Enforcement Highway Patrol & Judges
Single Life Normal Retirement
50% Joint and Survivor (if married) 100% Joint and Survivor (if married)
100% Joint and Survivor (if married) 10-Year Term Certain
10-year Term Certain 20-year Term Certain
20-Year Term Certain  

For members at normal retirement, additional benefit modifications are available and include Deferred Normal Retirement Option (DNRO), Partial Lump Sump Option (PLSO) and Graduated Benefit Option. The retirement benefit option factors for these alternate retirement options will also change. Contact NDPERS for more information on these retirement options or view the complete Retirement Kit at

The Single Life option is not impacted by the update to the retirement benefit option factors because the formula to calculate your monthly retirement benefit is not changing (Final Average Salary x Years of Service x Benefit Multiplier).

Yes. Joint and Survivor and Term Certain retirement options will continue to be available. Any one of these options is payable to the member for as long as the member lives. Depending on which option you choose when you retire, your beneficiary may also receive an ongoing monthly retirement benefit in the event of your death.

If you elect Joint and Survivor, Term Certain or an additional retirement benefit modification (DNRO, PLSO or Graduated Benefit), your monthly retirement benefit will likely be different under the new factors effective October 1, 2017. For more information on how your benefit may change, access the NDPERS website to view the Retirement Benefit Percent Change tables. These tables only apply for members who have a retirement effective date of October 1, 2017 or later.

Members who retire prior to October 1, 2017 are subject to the current retirement benefit factors.

The NDPERS Board received the retirement benefit option factors at the June 2017 meeting and moved to adopt the factors effective October 1, 2017. Members can expect more information through email, NDPERS Facebook and the NDPERS website.