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Changes to Investment Funds

Posted 1/09/20 (Thu)

The NDPERS Board receives quarterly investment updates from the Investment Subcommittee on the performance of funds. The updates focus on the 457 Deferred Compensation Companion Plan and the 401(a) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan.

During the most recent meeting, the NDPERS Board approved closing the AMG/Fairpointe Mid Cap fund (ABMIX) and placed the Templeton Global Bond fund (TGBAX) under formal fund review. ABMIX had been placed under formal fund review earlier in the year and continued to underperform. The NDPERS Board did not replace ABMIX because the Columbia Mid Cap Index fund (NDIAX) is already one of our core investments and has the same mid-cap blend style.

In addition to TGBAX, two other funds are currently under formal fund review and will continued to be monitored by the Investment Subcommittee:

  • Prudential Mid Cap Growth (PEGZX)
  • PIMCO Total Return Bond Fund (PTRAX)