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Your 2020 Wellness Benefit

Posted 1/02/20 (Thu)

Making healthy changes can be challenging, but every change starts with a first step. NDPERS is here to support your health and wellness journey with up to $250 rewards this year. You can earn your wellness benefit through many different ways to suit your lifestyle and goals.

Step one

Take your online health risk assessment in the wellness portal found at If you do not have an account, select the “Request Access for Yourself” button. Under the Insurance tab, click Portals and Links, then select Wellness Portal. For detailed instructions on logging in, click here.

Step two

Earn your wellness benefit by tracking your health goals, going to the gym and by participating in workplace activities.

Track and Earn
On your wellness portal, you can track your goals and see your progress to help you stay motivated. Inside the wellness portal, click the “Challenges” tab to find the popular steps, strength training and fruits & veggies tracking. You can also access these from the left navigation bar on the dashboard, where you’ll find many other activities and data you can track.

Goal tracking also gives you a chance to earn points toward your $250 incentive. Here’s how you can earn goal-tracking points until December 29.

TIP: Quickly see all of the available activities worth points toward your $250 wellness benefit by clicking the "My Incentive" tab.

Visit the gym 12 times per month
You can also earn your $250 reward by using our fitness center reimbursement program. Register online at and select your gym to get rewarded every month. For detailed instructions on how to sign up and receive this benefit click here.

Participate in workplace events with your wellness coordinator
Onsite health and wellness events taking place at work also earn you points towards your wellness benefit. After participating in an event, your wellness coordinator will give you a voucher form with instructions on how to earn points in the online wellness portal towards your $250 wellness benefit.

Step 3

Redeem points earned from the online wellness portal through tracking and workplace activities in the online redemption center. You can find the redemption center by logging into and choosing “Portals and Links” from the insurance tab dropdown.

Questions? Call Sanford Health Plan at (800)-499-3416.