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457 Deferred Compensation



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  • NDPERS provides a Quick Enrollment option for the NDPERS Companion Plan administered by TIAA.
  • NDPERS will setup your account for you with TIAA upon enrollment.
  • Your payroll deduction will be $25/month and an account will automatically be setup for you, unless you choose your own contribution amount or investment funds.
  • These funds are monitored by the NDPERS Board.
Reference Material
  • If you want to designate your own contribution amount or select a different provider company, you must select an active agent from the NDPERS Provider List.
  • Review the Investment Options Summary for details about the available providers.
  • You are responsible for meeting with your provider agent and setting up your account.
  • Please ensure your account is setup with your chosen provider agent prior to your first payroll deduction.
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Deferred Compensation Plan Handbook

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