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Wellness Benefit Funding Program

The NDPERS Wellness Benefit Funding Program is available to employer groups that participate in the NDPERS group health plan and have been approved for the Employer Based Wellness Discount Program. The Wellness Funding Program, in conjunction with the Wellness Discount Program, encourages employers to commit to promoting wellness planning and programming at their work sites. The funding program provides funding assistance to employers that develop and sponsor on-site wellness programs for their employees. Benefits are available to eligible employers once each fiscal year of the biennium.

To apply for funding assistance, you must complete a Wellness Benefit Funding Program Application which is available on our web site. The form is included as part of the Employer Based Discount application. Each year when you apply for the discount program, if you know you will require funding assistance, you should simultaneously complete the funding application and submit it by the designated deadline specified for the discount application. The funding application must show a direct correlation of the programs you are requesting funding for to the programs listed on the Wellness Program Discount application. The forms can be filled out online, but must be printed. Be sure to include any documentation that supports or describes your proposed wellness activity or identifies how you assessed your employees’ interest in the program.

The funding application is evaluated and approved by the Wellness Committee.

Some areas of evaluation include:

  • Ability to describe the program and examples of promotional activities and methods to motivate employees to participate.
  • How the need or interest for the proposed program was assessed.
  • Whether a survey was conducted.
  • Whether the budget is reasonable and justified.
  • Whether there is a financial contribution by the employer and/or the participants.

The Committee has 60 days in which to evaluate and respond to your request. You will be notified whether or not your application has been approved.

You may develop your own program or apply for a program sponsored and promoted by NDPERS. Currently PERS sponsors the Fruit & Veggie Challenge and in conjunction with Sanford Health Plan and the American Heart Association, the Walking Works and Go Red North Dakota programs, respectively.

Funds are available for agency group programs and program related activities only. The following activities/services are not eligible for reimbursement:

  • Food items or services, bottled water or water dispensers
  • Incentives, prizes or gift certificates
  • Services for massages
  • Individual memberships in diet programs, health, athletic or fitness clubs
  • Exercise equipment or health monitoring equipment
  • Printing expenses
  • Expenses for mailing or office supplies
  • Services provided for the benefit of dependents, the general public, or in the case of a campus or school, for students.

Programs or program related activities will be reimbursed based on the following schedule:

Calculation 1: 100% of the first $500 or actual program expense, whichever is less, plus 75% of actual expenses in excess of $500 to a maximum benefit of $1,000,


Calculation 2: $2.00 times the number of health contracts.

The Committee will use the calculation that provides the best benefit to the employer based on actual program expenses.

As the calculations above indicate, you will be responsible for expenses that exceed the maximum benefit allowed under either method. You may want to consider a registration fee for participants or an employer contribution in order to fund any additional expenses.

There are two options available to receive reimbursement for your program services:

  • We can reimburse the vendor direct, or
  • The department can pay the cost.

To reimburse the vendor, you must provide an itemized invoice with date of services. If the department pays the expense, you must include a copy of your cancelled check with an itemized invoice and we will reimburse the department. We cannot reimburse individual employees for expenses.

Note: Any entity or individual that will be reimbursed is considered a vendor. This includes retail stores, hospitals, clinics, nutritionists, fitness experts, etc. that provide supplies, materials or personal services or are conducting any part of the program.