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Employer Based Wellness

The employer based wellness program allows participating employers to receive a 1% health insurance premium discount for promoting wellness initiatives for their employees at their worksite. The program is given it’s authority in NDCC 54-52.1-14. Our goals for the program are to:

  • have 100% of our employers supporting a wellness message at their worksite
  • have our members get a greater understanding of wellness
  • create a better quality of life for our membership

Employers that participate in the NDPERS Group Health Insurance Plan have the opportunity to enroll in the employer based wellness program on an annual basis. The wellness plan year is from July 1 to June 30.  See the Application Timeline.

Employers electing to enroll in the program must:

For an employer’s wellness program to be approved for the 1% premium discount, a point system has been developed. An employer must obtain 5 points to qualify. The 5 points are obtained based on the types of activities being promoted as follows:

1 point (mandatory) – submission of Commitment Agreement SFN 58643, appointment of wellness coordinator and attendance at the Summer Wellness Coordinator Workshop or ND Worksite Wellness Training

Remaining Points are through Program Activities:

Newsletters, webinars and additional wellness resources are available for employers to assist them in implementing a wellness program.  Funding is available through the Wellness Benefit Funding Program to help offset the cost of eligible programs.